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Cover zu DUILIUS - ARC I
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Release 2024
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Size 6.30 GB
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Updated 04/30/24
Adventure Action RPG Indie
The War For Legion Begins Among The Descendants Of The Two Ancient Demonic Gods in DUILIUS - The Ancient Duel. DUILIUS - The Ancient Duel, as an Indie mini SIDE-SCROLLER RPG involves you into this aghast as duels take place as you step forward, along with a Cinematic Storyline. The game consists of a complete package of 3 epic environments building the context progressively alongside a face off with multiple enemies and lavished special abilities. The Quarrel for power which initially took off between Ancient Demons Astaroth and Baal Berith has later passed onto their obedient descendants. This enrages a war for legions among uninvolved vigorous entities. Forget the vice and let your blood run, For , There IS no righteous in a Duel.

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Singleplayer RPG Action RPG Mystery Side Scroller Historical Dark Fantasy Realistic Cinematic Magic Drama Demons Thriller Action Roguelike

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