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We are passionate gamblers. We care for our database with love. We try to include screenshots, covers and other details such as genre, year of release and game description for each game. We try to keep all our releases up to date and available for you. We offer old and new games.

To support us, tell your (good) friends and (nice) siblings about us. School them if they are beginners and overwhelmed by this. Everyone started small. Stay true to us. Create a premium account via our ref links and otherwise, let your line glow and have fun with our games.

Would you like to support us? Thanks! Simply create a premium account using one of the following links:
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We offer two different versions

a.) OCH links
In theory, you only need a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.) to download our games via OCH links. It makes sense, however, to have a program (download manager) that greatly simplifies downloading. The jDownloader should be mentioned here.

Usually the whole thing is solved in such a way that the games can be downloaded in parts. This is by hand - despite 1 GB / 500 MB parts - sometimes associated with a lot of time, especially with larger games. There are games that have more than 100 parts, and the number is rising.

It's easier with the above tool. With the jDownloader you can read in our Crypter links (or also the DLC files) - one link per OCH hoster. To do this, a captcha (puzzle) has to be solved so that the links cannot be automatically read out and abused (deleted) by bots. The program then automatically reads in all the links and they can be downloaded.

The quota for free users is very limited. The speeds and waiting times are sometimes unreasonable. We therefore always recommend using a premium account (for optimal speed we recommend In principle, it does not matter which OCH hoster, it should only be which we also use. We always try to use OCH hosters that are also used on other sites that contain different material (films, series), etc.

You can of course download all games for free, it just takes a lot longer.

b.) Usenet
Same principle as mentioned under a.), However a different access is chosen for this. The files are then not uploaded to multiple OCH hosts, but rather fed into Usenet. If you want to download our games via Usenet, you need access to Usenet. There are providers like sand on the sea). If you have access, you still need a newsreader, this acts like the jDownloader as a download manager. As a rule, most Usenet providers offer their own newsreader. But you can also use others, such as NZBGet or sabnzb. Please do not use Momentum and Holmez (Mal / Spyware)! Now all you need is the respective NZB file of your desired game (to be found under the OCH links). This file tells your download manager what to download and where.

In our opinion, Usenet is simpler, but in principle both are possible without great effort and personal taste predominates here.

The password is always: 404

If a CRC error appears despite entering the correct password, one (or more) parts were damaged during the download and can therefore not be unpacked. The whole thing can have the following causes:

1.) the hoster has a server problem (overload, server problems)
2.) you have a problem with your line (WiFi unstable?)
3.) your hard drive gives up or
4.) the file was already defective uploaded (mostly not the case - even if you first believe it).

Downloading again helps in the first three cases. This problem occurs more often with free users because the hosters only make a certain quota available for it. If this has been completely used up, it can happen that a file is incorrectly transferred.

Important: Make sure that all parts except the last one are exactly the same size. Parts that deviate from this are definitely defective and should be downloaded again. However, if the differences in the part sizes persist, the file was probably uploaded defective. Then try again with another hoster if necessary.

Waiting. Our system has an automatic reup system. If, on the other hand, a game is offline everywhere and no NZB file is available, please let us know under Contact.

What has been extracted is usually an image and an I (nfo) file. An image (usually with the ending .bin or .iso) is an image of a CD / DVD / BR on the computer. Now there are two ways to get the game running or to get it installed at all.

a) traditionally burn to CD / DVD / BR. Simply start a burning program and burn the image as an image on CD / DVD / BR. Costs blanks and time. The better way:

b) mount the image. A virtual drive is required for this. Virtual Clone Drive should be mentioned here. The program virtually creates a CD / DVD / BR drive. You can then "insert" the image there. Installation is faster because everything is installed from the hard drive. Blanks are therefore not necessary and the time for burning is also eliminated.

The latter is the leading method because it is simply more practical. It sounds very complicated but it is very simple. Try it. If you don't get it at all, you can open the image with WinRAR, unzip it and install it that way. Ideally you stick to b.).

There are also releases that are "plain" packed. This means that the game can be played directly after unpacking (mostly tagged as P2P). No installation is required.

The info file, which has the extension .nfo, must be opened with a normal text editor (no matter which one). All the necessary instructions for installing and starting the game are documented there.

This is where copy protection takes effect. To bypass this protection there are so-called cracks (also called biscuits or medicine). These files break the copy protection. To do this, the crack - which is usually on the CD / DVD / BR (mostly in the Crack folder, otherwise read .nfo) - must be copied into the game directory and an existing file must be overwritten. Each of our games offered has a crack, if this is required. Some games, especially GOG releases, are delivered without copy protection.

All available cracks for all imaginable games and versions can also be downloaded separately. The website is available for this purpose.

Important: Many cracks are mistakenly recognized as viruses and, depending on the setting, simply removed or quarantined without notice. Please make sure that doesn't happen. By the way, this is the most common reason why the games won't start.

The serial number is in the .nfo file or on the CD / DVD / BR as a generator (in the same directory where the crack is in). The .nfo definitely shows you how to proceed.

Important: As a rule, you cannot play online with an illegal serial number.

You can either change the language in the game (in the settings) or via adaptation to one of the following files (somewhere in the game folder):

- steam_api.ini (mostly)
- steam_emu.ini
- CODEX.ini
- CPY.ini
- TiNYiSO.ini
- ds.ini
- language.txt

possibly another file as well. But most of the times it is the ones just mentioned.

To change the language, the file in question must be opened with any text editor and the desired language entered under language (e.g. german instead of english).

Incidentally, this is not necessary for releases of ElAmigos.


We really appreciate the ElAmigos releases. These are always kept up-to-date, are highly compressed (which in some cases saves a few GB of download volume) and usually always contain all DLCs. Most of the time, more languages ​​are available than in Scene releases (which are often expanded with a language pack).

In addition, the crack is always installed directly - it's not easy.

We also generally offer releases tagged as P2P. Use this release of Cracks provided to P2P users. We offer this release if there is no such release from the Scene or ElAmigos for the respective game. - (pc/windows) games 4 you