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Siberian Village

Cover zu Siberian Village
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Release 2024
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Size 2.79 GB
Medium 1 DVD
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Updated 02/10/24

Spirit Squad

Spirit Squad

Simulation Indie Casual
Siberian Village is a game that will immerse you in the life of an entrepreneur from Siberia. Sell oil, create furniture at the sawmill, sell goods in the store and help the residents. One of the first mechanics in the game is selling oil. Load barrels of oil into your car and sell them at a refining station. You'll also be able to improve the performance of your wells. Buy a sawmill and start producing furniture. Sell furniture on the contract system and earn money. You will be able to get a job at the post office. Deliver parcels to residents. Discover new professions: become a welder in the workshop or a cook in the canteen. Help the residents and get paid for it. Interesting tasks and stories from the residents will not let you get bored. A lot of accompanying mechanics for full immersion in the life of the Siberian village. The game is developed by one person and in each new update you will be waiting for new mechanics and improvements to the existing ones. You will always be able to suggest your idea in a review or in Steam discussions. Welcome to Siberia!
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