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The Invincible

Cover zu The Invincible
Metacritic 72
Userscore 8.0
Release 2023
Hits 17.022
Size 11.95 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404
Updated 02/24/24
Starward Industries
11 bit studios Starward Industries
Adventure Action Indie
You are a highly qualified, sharp-witted astrobiologist named Yasna. Being entangled in a space race, you and your crew end up on the unexplored planet Regis III. The scientific journey quickly turns into a search mission for lost crewmates. Follow its trail, but be fully aware that every decision you make can bring you closer to danger. Uncover mind-boggling scientific phenomena in a cosmic, philosophical adventure set within eerie landscapes. Discover fragments of what’s lost and report to your Astrogator, let his voice aid you in hard times.
Voice output Englisch
Texts and subtitles Deutsch Englisch Französisch Spanisch Polnisch Russisch Chinesisch

ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex/Rune or FLT). Updated till 16.02.2024 (v1.1.6).

Included bonus content: Soundtrack (mp3), Artbook.

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Update 16.02.2024 - 06.05.2024108 MB
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