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BlazBlue Entropy Effect

Cover zu BlazBlue Entropy Effect
Metacritic 83
Userscore 8.1
Release 2023
Hits 3.658
Size 6.33 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404
Updated 01/31/24
Adventure Action Indie
A brand-new action roguelite developed by a team with years of experience in action games, ready to present the best 2D action combat experience the world has ever seen! Each character has their own traits and hundreds of moves to choose from as you create your unique combos. The Legacy System making each battle a unique experience. Think strategically and plan your Tactics by selecting eight elements (Lightning, Fire, Ice, Blade, Toxin, Light, Umbra, and Generic) and over 200 upgrades that synergize with your kit to create different "reactions," such as Burn, Freeze, Blind, Paralysis... Choose upgrades wisely and customize your very own combat style! Experience the fusion of two classic side-scrolling gameplay styles: sandbox-level progression and Metroidvania-inspired adventures. Battle diverse enemies and face stage-specific bosses within the sandbox-style levels. Embark on a journey through a procedurally generated Metroidvania vast map, stepping into hidden forbidden zones and unraveling the story's climax.
Voice output Chinesisch
Texts and subtitles Englisch Japanisch Chinesisch

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Singleplayer Full controller support Story Rich 2D Pixel Graphics Action-Adventure Post-apocalyptic Replay Value Roguelike Beat 'em up Cyberpunk Multiple Endings Metroidvania Roguelite Procedural Generation Action Roguelike

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