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Two Strikes

Cover zu Two Strikes
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Release 2021
Hits 126

Size 341 MB
Password 404

Retro Reactor Studio
Retro Reactor Studio
Adventure Action Indie Casual
Live the thrill of life and death duels that can be decided in a blink of an eye! Two Strikes is a casual 2D fighting game with beautiful hand-drawn animations, where warriors, in a Bloody Period in Japan, duel in deadly battles that can be decided in one or two hits. Choose between 8 unique warriors in the released version! Each one with their own moves and fighting styles! (Currently 4 available warriors). Get into position with caution, lives are on the line, move around, dash to get closer or avoid attacks! Now you have your opponent within your weapon's reach! Attacking is the only way to victory, but be careful, simple attacks are easy to read and dodge! Letting your opponent thinking what your next move will be is the key to overpower your enemies! Fake attacks by canceling them with dashes! And finally, once you have your opponent figure it out, finish them with powerful attacks!
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