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Rogue : Genesia


Rogue - Genesia

Cover zu Rogue - Genesia
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Release 2022
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Size 88 MB
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Walk upon a new world and slay foes endangering it. Fend against vast enemy forces, reaching hundreds of foes on screen at any given timeIn this action rogue-lite, you play as Rog. Master of all weapons, Rog can use anything to slay his numerous foes. Kill, grow stronger, and kill some more! Make your build from more than 60+ passive upgrades and 16 weapons. You define Rog's adventureYou can choose which path Rog takes, feel brave enough to take on a powerful foe, or would you prefer to rest at the shop? The choice is yours! 30+ Powerful Items to discoverOn this journey, you'll collect many unique and powerful artefacts that will greatly impact your game experience, harness their power to help you on your quest!
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Englisch Französisch
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