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Northend Tower Defense

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Release 2022
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Northend Games
Northend Games
Action Simulation Strategy Indie
A Tower Defense game that innovates on what the genre already have, with it's real time action gameplay. Be the Commander of your own army by taking instant decisions that will change the battle and how you strategize through it. 8 Different of Soldiers to use in your battles, each one has unique Power Points and Weak Points. More type of Units are coming, Vehicles, Airplanes. 2 different Levels to battle on it, one desert combat, with big obstacles like tank and airplane. Second one is on the beach, with towers that are supporting you. With +40 Upgrades, each round you will have different unit types and different upgrades offered to you to choose from as round progress. You can decide which units to play based on what you see in battle. Different upgrades could be useful in different situations. Big battles with a lot of units on both sides, greatly optimized to run smoothly.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Englisch Russisch Chinesisch

v0.6.6 (06.03.2023)
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