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Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale


Among the Innocent - A Stricken Tale

Cover zu Among the Innocent - A Stricken Tale
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Release 2017
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Zero Degrees Games
Zero Degrees Games
Adventure Indie
Most people describe Among the Innocent as a walking simulator with challenging but obscure puzzles, an intriguing game world, and a terrible ending. They’re right. As my first commercial game, I wrote Among the Innocent with the intention of soon following up with a sequel that would ensure this first game makes more sense than it currently does. As you may surmise, that sequel did not come. Due to my inexperience and misplaced optimism, the reality of unsuccessful indie development took me by surprise, and so, Stricken 2 never had the opportunity to be developed. It might one day, but for now, Among the Innocent will live as-is, terrible ending and all. I have no doubt that you’ll still get some enjoyment from this game, but you have been warned!
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