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Metro Sim Hustle

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Release 2021
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TAKE THE REINS! Take the reins of a high-speed commuter train and see if you can keep up with the tight schedule. Your passengers are waiting for you, but watch out for speed traps and terrorists! MAKE A LIVING! Earn some extra cash by completing sidequests for the locals, manufacturing and trafficking narcotics, having a scrap at the arena, or breaking into buildings. Hit one of the local entertainment venues after work that include a club, arcade, and casino. DROP SOME CASH! Visit the local stores and choose from hundreds of items including food and beverages to consume, furniture to place in your home, and a variety of clothing to wear. SETTLE IN! Use your earnings to move into a new home, then customize it with your choice of furniture and a splash of paint, or just lay low at the local hotel. STAY IN TOUCH! Use your smartphone to manage your real estate, order a pizza, and check your text messages. Don't forget to set your alarm!
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2.83 GB
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