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Generation Zero

Cover zu Generation Zero
Metacritic 51
Userscore 5.6

Release 2019
Hits 6.138

Size 36.79 GB
Password 404

Avalanche Studios
THQ Nordic
Action Shooter
Welcome to 1980’s Sweden. The local population has gone missing, and machines of unknown origin roam the streets. Explore this vast open world to unravel the mystery of the invaders, perfect your fighting strategies and prepare to strike back. In Generation Zero, living is winning. Survive in a Hostile Open World: Take on missions and challenges throughout the open world to unravel more of the mystery, while scavenging for weapons and supplies to help you stay aliveGet Ready. Then Fight Back:Tactically combine weapons, skills and equipment, to lure, cripple, and destroy your enemies.
Voice output Englisch Schwedisch
Texts and subtitles Deutsch Englisch Französisch Spanisch Polnisch Russisch Japanisch Chinesisch

NOTES: This release is standalone and includes the following DLC:

> Generation Zero - Pre-Purchase Content
> Generation Zero - Tubular Vanity Pack
> Generation Zero - Schweet Vanity Pack
> Generation Zero - Blockbuster Vanity Pack
> Generation Zero - Bikes
> Generation Zero - Alpine Unrest
> Generation Zero - Rivals & Experimental Weapons
> Generation Zero - Apparel Crafting
> Generation Zero - FNIX Rising
> Generation Zero - US Weapons Pack
> Generation Zero - Soviet Weapons Pack
> Generation Zero - US Weapons Pack 2
> Generation Zero - Base Defense Pack
> Generation Zero - Resistance Weapons Pack
> Generation Zero - Base Support Pack
> Generation Zero - Tactical Equipment Pack
> Generation Zero - Camo Weapon Skins Pack
> Generation Zero - Motorbikes Pack
> Generation Zero - Eastern European Weapons Pack
> Generation Zero - Tactical Equipment Pack 2
> Generation Zero - Companion Accessories Pack

The game is updated to v2561107.
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