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Rain World

Cover zu Rain World
Metacritic 59
Userscore 8.1

Release 2017
Hits 11.058

Size 3.89 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404

Updated 01/20/23

Warp Digital...

Adult Swim

Adventure Action Indie Platformer
You are a slugcat. The world around you is full of danger, and you must face it – alone. Separated from your family in a devastating flood, you must hunt for food and shelter between terrifying torrential downpours that threaten to drown all life. Climb through the ruins of an ancient civilization, evade the jaws of vicious predators, and discover new lands teeming with strange creatures and buried mysteries. Find your family before death finds you!
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Spanisch Französisch Italienisch Russisch Japanisch Koreanisch Chinesisch

Game is updated to v20230119, the following DLCs are included:
Rain World: Downpour
Rain World - Soundtrack
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3.89 GB (Usenet) Highspeed Download
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Singleplayer Multiplayer Full controller support Atmospheric Great Soundtrack 2D Horror Difficult Exploration Survival Stealth Pixel Graphics Post-apocalyptic Survival Horror Physics Metroidvania

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