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Jagged Alliance 2

Cover zu Jagged Alliance 2
Metacritic -
Userscore 8.9

Release 1999
Hits 14.333

Size 2.54 GB
Password 404

Sir-Tech Software Inc.
Adventure Action Strategy
A ruthless dictator has taken control of the tiny nation of Arulco. The country’s brutal army is holding the terrified population in its iron grip. The only opposition is a ragtag bunch of rebels. The bad news: you’re in charge of the rebels. The good news: some of the world’s best mercenaries will fight on your side... that is if you can afford them. Jagged Alliance 2 features: perfect blend of strategy, roleplaying and tactical combat; dozen of new weapons; 150+ individual in-game characters; realistic combat physics; and more than 10,000 lines of digitalized speech. The only thing missing is YOU.
This DLC includes the original Version of Jagged Alliance 2 (released 1999) and a fan HD mod adapted for higher Screen resolutions.
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RPG Open World Classic Tactical Turn-Based Replay Value Isometric Turn-Based Strategy Atmospheric Great Soundtrack cooperative First-Person Third Person Sandbox Third-Person Shooter - (pc/windows) games 4 you