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Broken Sword 3 - the Sleeping Dragon


Baphomets Fluch 3 - Der schlafende Drache

Cover zu Baphomets Fluch 3 - Der schlafende Drache
Metacritic -
Userscore 7.3

Release 2003
Hits 7.174

Size 2.51 GB
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An ancient conspiracy. A broken code. An unsolved murder. Welcome to Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon, the multi BAFTA-nominated adventure. Once more George and Nico must travel the world, wrestling danger, and piecing together the clues that will unravel the secrets of the Sleeping Dragon. Powerful seismic events are shaking the world. Something sinister is emerging. An Ancient Conspiracy, the Secret of the Templars, and a fiendish source of pure Evil are responsible. The death of a back bedroom computer hacker in Paris is just the beginning of another extraordinary adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard. Welcome to the world of Broken Sword.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch

v1.0 (07.03.2018)
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2.51 GB
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