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Grand Ages: Rome


Grand Ages - Rome

Cover zu Grand Ages - Rome
Metacritic 72
Userscore 8.4

Release 2009
Hits 6.196

Size 2.96 GB
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Haemimont Haemimont Games
Viva Media, LLC
Simulation Strategy
What is Grand Ages: Rome? Grand Ages: Rome is the sequel to the best-selling strategy game Imperium Romanum. As Governor of a Roman Province in the time-honoured Roman Empire, its fortune very much lies in your hands. Choose one of five Roman noble families such as Caesar’s Julii with different abilities to accomplish the comprehensive missions. Defend yourself against barbarian tribes, trade with other cultures, build a wealthy economic environment and fullfil the needs of your people in a huge single player campaign!
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Französisch

Gold edition includes:

* Grand Ages: Rome
* Grand Ages: Rome - Reign of Augustus

It's extremely important that you block the game in the firewall, otherwise it will not work.
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