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Know How: Think and play outside the box!


Know How - Spielend um die Ecke denken

Cover zu Know How - Spielend um die Ecke denken
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Release 2008
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Size 164 MB
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Skill game Puzzle
Know How is a classic puzzle game. The objective is to move a treasure chest off the game board an onto an exit square. Various stones block the way and have to be moved first, but they will only move lengthwise. Special obstacles like springs, magnets and magically linked stones further complicate the task. The game contains 350 puzzles, a 'free play' and a story mode. The free play mode is simply a linear sequence of puzzles. In story mode, the main character Valerie is stranded on a mysterious island, trying to escape and to discover the secret of the ancient civilization that once lived there. The player must navigate her across a map of the island and solve puzzles along the way.
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