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Strongloween: The Escape


Strongloween - The Escape

Cover zu Strongloween - The Escape
Metacritic -
Userscore -
Release 2024
Hits 390
Size 3.53 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404
Updated 05/10/24
Adventure Action Indie
Live the incredible adventure of Torkin in Strongloween: The Escape, the first game developed by François Linck Games. In this 3rd person adventure single-player game, you play as Torkin, a peaceful creature, who has been captured him and his family by the vile Kingsley. They were all taken to the jails of his fortress: STRONGLOWEEN. You will have to find a way to escape, after freeing as many of your people as possible! It will not be easy because the soldiers and generals of this Kingsley will not make it easy for you. Fortunately, many characters will lend you a hand in exchange for a few favors.
Voice output Französisch
Texts and subtitles Englisch Französisch

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