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One Last Dinner

Cover zu One Last Dinner
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Release 2024
Hits 1.279
Size 6.45 GB
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Updated 04/15/24
Cynosure Studios
Cynosure Studios
Simulation Indie
One Last Dinner is a first-person detective simulation game. Investigate clues with your tools, interrogate suspects and find the killer.War of Two SidesGet ready to become the most famous detective in town! The murders keep coming and only you can solve them. Investigate crime scenes with your items. Uncover secrets with the evidence you find. Interrogate criminals and decide their fate. You must have a way with words because you won't be dealing with simple criminals. A criminal mastermind on one side and a detective like no other in the city on the other. If you don't catch the criminal fast enough, your life could be turned upside down.Keep Your Eyes OpenInvestigate different crime scenes, listen to audio recordings left to you, read notes, find evidence, catch clues you can't see with the help of your UV light and interrogate suspects.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Englisch Türkisch

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