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The Midnight Town Stories: Adam's Diary


The Midnight Town Stories - Adam's Diary

Cover zu The Midnight Town Stories - Adam's Diary
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Release 2023
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Updated 10/02/23

Adventure Action Strategy Indie Casual
"The Midnight Town Stories: Adam's Diary" is an immersive blend of Escape Room, Visual Novel, and Horror genres. Prepare to journey into the depths of a chilling and enigmatic Limbo, where reality intertwines with the realm of the living and the dead. In this spine-tingling adventure, you assume the role of Adam, a tormented soul who awakens in the confines of his apartment. However, something is amiss - the once familiar walls now bear strange markings, and a haunting ambiance surrounds him. Trapped in this ethereal dimension, Adam must confront his deepest fears, for it is the only way to unlock the secrets of his own identity and uncover the unsettling truth about his inexplicable journey into the unknown.
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Story Rich First-Person Horror Mystery Visual Novel 1990's Linear Drama Emotional Interactive Fiction Supernatural

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