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Release 2023
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Yodubzz Studios
Freedom Games
Adventure Action RPG
A zombie outbreak wiped out civilization as we know it. Hordes of zeeks gnawed their way to the top becoming the world’s apex predator. A few years later, regular humans are an endangered species, with isolated pockets struggling to survive in this new, unwelcoming world. Welcome to HumanitZ, an isometric, open-world survival game, where you can try to make a difference and put humanity back where it belongs - at the top of the food chain. Will you gamble on cities and the loot there knowing hordes of zeeks might be around the corner? Or do you try to survive off the land in the country, through hunting, fishing, and farming?
RPG Open World cooperative Horror Sandbox Survival Zombies Post-apocalyptic Survival Horror Crafting combat Building Base Building Loot Hunting - (pc/windows) games 4 you