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Paranormal VHS

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Release 2023
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Elite Lords Studios
Elite Lords Studios
Adventure Indie
James is a vlogger of the channel Paranormal VHS, where he spends a night in some horrifying and abandoned locations where terrible events have happened. His equipment is just a VHS camera that allows him to record any paranormal activity. His next vlog is to spend a night in the Crimson Hill Hospital that were rumors horrifying experiments were made on their patients and due to some recent mysterious events, the building is now abandoned and considered haunted. Paranormal VHS is a dark psychological horror in the genre of Walking Simulator.
Voice output Englisch
Texts and subtitles Deutsch Englisch Spanisch Französisch Italienisch Polnisch Russisch
Atmospheric First-Person Horror Gore Dark Mystery Cinematic Realistic 3D Detective Linear Supernatural Thriller - (pc/windows) games 4 you