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Swarm Grinder

Cover zu Swarm Grinder
Metacritic -
Userscore -
Release 2024
Hits 1.500
Size 88 MB
Medium 1 CD
Password 404
Updated 04/24/24
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Last Bite Games
Action RPG Indie Casual
Swarm Grinder is an action rogue-lite game with pixel graphics. Battle enemies to make your way through a mass of spreading and evolving cells hosting dormant creatures! At the start of every run, the map is procedurally generated, and it's crawling with the swarm. The cells constantly spread and evolve . When triggered, the cells burst to release the enemy within to exterminate you! Explore the map, take control of it, and get stronger before the enemies overpower you!
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Englisch Türkisch

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Singleplayer Steam Achievements Full controller support Steam Cloud RPG 2D Sci-fi Action RPG Pixel Graphics Controller Retro Early Access Roguelike Roguelite Procedural Generation Action Roguelike

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