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Knights of Braveland

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Release 2023
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Adventure Action RPG Indie
Join the Heroes Guild and travel the path from a rookie to the hero of the kingdom. Head on a hunt for the vicious boss solo or with your friends. Your adventure will be randomly generated from hundreds of different events. Once you sign up a contract to catch the villain, you'll head into an adventure. Each quest is created from hundreds of particular events, melding into a unique story. The Elves will reveal secret paths to you and the ordinary pub owner might very well turn out to be a werewolf.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Englisch Russisch Chinesisch Türkisch
RPG 2D Difficult Split Screen Action RPG Hack and Slash Family Friendly Side Scroller Beat 'em up Roguelite Hand-drawn Action Roguelike Дети - (pc/windows) games 4 you