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Souls of Chronos

Cover zu Souls of Chronos
Metacritic 61
Userscore -

Release 2023
Hits 7.052

Size 2.87 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404

Updated 10/21/23

FUTU Studio

Astrolabe Games

Adventure Action RPG Indie
Fifteen years after the catastrophic event known as the "Apocalypse", the world is still in an era of great unrest. Even Astella, a harbour town far from the centre of the Vallois Empire, is no exception. Local gangs, slum dwellers, external forces, and secret societies - all these factions are clashing together over their own agenda and interests. Under such tension, the fragile peace here at Astella is on the verge of sliding back into all-out conflicts.
Voice output Chinesisch
Texts and subtitles Englisch Japanisch Chinesisch

Note: Game is updated to v1.5.240.2, the following DLCs are included:
Souls of Chronos - Digital Art
Souls of Chronos - Pray of the Stars
Souls of Chronos - Soundtrack
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