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Sadness Of Valor


Sadness of Valor

Cover zu Sadness of Valor
Metacritic -
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Release 2022
Hits 790

Size 7.83 GB
Medium 1 CD
Password 404

Updated 01/17/23

One Man Studio


HistoryCommander on board the Global Support Orbital Station (GSOS-3) capable of intervening quickly on a part of the planet, ensuring the sustainability of humanity. Nothing ever goes as planned. Face the chaotic desert left by the planet and discover the mysteries of its history.Your GoalsBuild your base, establish your defense or attack, manage your base and its resources to seek the best improvements.PossibilitiesTake Part In Humanitarian Aid In A Campaign. Compete against the AI ​​or your friends in a personalized match. Participate in matchmaking to earn unit skinsCharacteristicsThis game bases its gameplay on the management and positioning of units. The scarce resources force the player to find a way to fight effectively. Fire can be dodged to land on enemy or allied units, friendly fire is dangerous.
Voice output Englisch
Texts and subtitles Englisch Französisch
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Singleplayer Multiplayer Co-op PvP RTS Military combat 3D

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