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Gratuitous Space Battles

Cover zu Gratuitous Space Battles
Metacritic 72
Userscore 6.8

Release 2009
Hits 211

Size 115 MB
Password 404

Simulation Strategy Indie
Who needs backstory? Who needs resource-gathering? Diplomacy is so last year. Gratuitous Space Battles cuts right to the chase of sci-fi strategy games, and deals with large, completely unjustified space battles between huge opposing space fleets. Gratuitous Space Battles combines the visual appeal of an RTS, with the addictive unit-placement and design gameplay from tower defense games.
* Online features are disabled in this release.
* Set your username in Online tab to access the Challenges.

>14000 challenges are included and are playable.
* Settings and saves are stored under \cfg\ folder in this release.

> The following DLC is included in this release:
* 'The Tribe'
* 'The Order'
* 'The Swarm'
* 'The Nomads'
* 'The Parasites'
* 'Galactic Conquest' (disabled)
2D Sci-fi Sandbox Space Building - (pc/windows) games 4 you