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Disaster Band

Cover zu Disaster Band
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Release 2022
Hits 1.632

Size 457 MB
Password 404

Adventure Indie Casual
Disaster Band is a rhythm game that will get you hooked once you start playing. Easy to pick up with an intuitive control scheme, you can play freely with all the instruments included on any given track. But there's more: Connect with your friends online and play together, perform together and party together. Or join total strangers for a jam session you will not forget. The better you get, the higher you will climb in the global rankings. Accept the challenge and rise to the top - or gain infamy as the Disaster Band.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch
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Disaster.Band.Update.v1.6.0.0-TENOKE214 MB Download Download
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Disaster.Band.Update.v1.7.0.2-TENOKE226 MB Download Download
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Disaster.Band.Update.v1.8.0.2-TENOKE112 MB Download Download
.nzb NZB-Datei Download
Disaster.Band.Update.v1.9.0.0-TENOKE178 MB Download Download
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Disaster.Band.Update.v1.10.3.0-TENOKE357 MB Download Download
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