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Artist Life Simulator

Cover zu Artist Life Simulator
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Release 2022
Hits 3.938

Size 1.81 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404

Updated 09/10/23

Interactive Fate

Interactive Fate

RPG Simulation Indie Casual
Welcome to decadent, art-loving 19th century alternative history Europe, and a roguelite game about finding inspiration, dealing with feelings, and painting masterpieces. You will be challenged by more than 66 unique feelings (each with a different effect), along with poverty and other wordly troubles. Hundreds of cards represent the complex psyche of your artist's mind, and life in Nova Oportunia, the city known as the capital of contemporary art. All these artistic, amusing, horrible or lustful details of life are represented as lovingly painted cards that can be combined, collected, talked or thought about, visited, read or interacted and so on, resulting in a vast diversity of results, creating new cards and new opportunities of interaction. The creation of this game was inspired by a cult classic of similar format, but different vibes.
Game is updated to v1.1.10, the following DLC is included:
Artist Life Simulator - Cakes and Guns
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