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Out of Ore

Cover zu Out of Ore
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Release 2022
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North Modding Company AB
North Modding Company AB
Adventure Simulation Strategy
You are sent out to the most northen base "Company Mining Corp" has, and its up to you to prospect for ore, mine it and sell it to earn a profit. Build roads, bridges and tunnels to connect the base to other bases. Take risk by getting big loans to buy equipment and tools. The building system allows you to build pretty much anything you want or use the vehicles and equipment to demolish it. All machines can be painted and outfitted with all kinds of lights and stuff. Entire world is terraformable so you can knock down trees and move dirt all day long, The machines and support both ISO and SAE controls and the game supports both Joysticks and Wheels
v0.1211 (15.03.2023)
Credits to doormanquta9 (
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Atmospheric Open World First-Person Third Person Sandbox Exploration Physics Crafting Realistic Building 3D Management Relaxing Base Building Resource Management - (pc/windows) games 4 you