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One More Gate : A Wakfu Legend


One More Gate - A Wakfu Legend

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Release 2023
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Adventure RPG Strategy Indie
Discover the "World of Twelve" universe with Oropo: Go through the gate and explore procedurally generated levels. Choose the smartest path, fight creatures, and take part in events that will make you stronger… or not. Get stronger and master the powers of Wakfu: This natural energy is unique to the World of Twelve. You must learn to use the variations in its flow to your advantage if you want to defeat the most fearsome creatures! Meet quirky characters and complete quests: A dojo master, a body-building granny… the One More Gate universe is full of unique characters who will send you on missions in exchange for fabulous loot.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Französisch Spanisch Chinesisch
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