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Hmmsim Metro

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Release 2021
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Jeminie Interactive
Jeminie Interactive
Adventure Action Simulation Indie
Line 1, the most complicated subway in Seoul, is now coming in PC version. You can feel high immersion with the graphics that realize the actual Seoul scenery, the train driving sound, and the realistic train driving system. Experience the operation of the Seoul subway! Hmmsim Metro covers the section between Geumcheon-gu Office and Kwangwoon Univ (about 32km, 26 stations), the core of Seoul Subway Line 1. This section is divided into a similar ratio between the ground and the underground section, so you can enjoy various experiences. PSD, position indicator, and ATS signal are also implemented to provide even more interest. The train cab is also implemented similarly to the real world. Hmmsim Metro has DSD (driver alert), so you should focus more on driving. Switch AC-DC between direct-to-transfer in the section where the voltage changes, and run the train while controlling the speed according to the ATS signal. Hmmsim Metro comes with several diagrams. You can enjoy various trains and realistic scenery changes as time passes and even operate the 'hidden train'.
Switchboard Update - Patch 1 (02.10.2022)
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