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Release 2022
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This is a short story about humanity's last attempt to resist nature. Cities lie in ruins, there are traces of huge claws everywhere - once disturbed by people, giants began to wreak havoc around the world. But is there a solution?... This is a survival horror game in which you will have to secretly move around the destroyed city, thinking over your route, in search of the necessary keys to complete the mission. Everything is complicated by the presence of a huge monster that is hunting you. Take control of the commander of the emergency response unit James Ward and find the lost "weapon" of the ARK_TECH corporation, which can help in the fight against monsters. Use everything you find in the ruins to survive. Don't forget to change the filters in your respirator. And most importantly: don't get in the way. It's easy to see you from a height, so the best tactic is not to get into trouble.
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