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Bicycle Challage - Wastelands

Cover zu Bicycle Challage - Wastelands
Metacritic -
Userscore -
Release 2022
Hits 1.137
Size 577 MB
Medium 1 CD
Password 404
Updated 07/27/22
Adventure Action Racing RPG Simulation Sports Strategy Indie Casual
Ride your bike around the location overcoming all obstacles. In the game, the player is waiting for one difficult location with obstacles and abysses. The game has great replay value, since it will not work to pass the level the first time, you need to constantly start over again in order to perfectly complete the level. You control a cyclist who, following the sign, needs to pass the track as quickly as possible. On your way there will be obstacles through which you need to jump over as well as obstacles that you need to go around. Use the WASD keys to control your bike and perform tricks. Your task is to drive through all points, performing tricks, to get to the finisn as quickly as possible. Periodically, the game will include first-person controls, which will complicate the task. The game has a leaderboard and achievements.
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