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Knights of the Kitchen Table

Cover zu Knights of the Kitchen Table
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Release 2022
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Knights of the...
Knights of the...
Adventure Action Casual
The Kingdom of Sustenance is in peril! Giant food monsters are attacking, in greater numbers than ever before! As a member of the ancient order of the Knights of the Kitchen Table, it falls to you to defeat these food fiends! Hack and slash your way through dangerous foods and terrifying bosses to save the kingdom! Knights of the Kitchen Table is a hack-and-slash adventure in which you battle food monsters and giant food bosses. Attack, roll, and use your food-related powers to defeat these monsters to save the kingdom! Each level, Warden Gamsey, leader of the knightly order, assigns you a dish to craft to prove your worthiness. Defeat the enemies required to gather ingredients to make the dish, and prove your worthiness to face greater challenges!
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