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Hellfire 1988: An Oregon Story


Hellfire 1988 - An Oregon Story

Cover zu Hellfire 1988 - An Oregon Story
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Release 2022
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Size 5.20 GB
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Hellfire 1988: An Oregon Story is a story-rich visual novel set in Bend, Oregon during the Halloween of 1988. Hellfire 1988 is a darkly comic crime story with engaging interactive dialogue, point-and-click exploration, and exciting mini-games that combine to give players an immersive experience of 1980s America. Featuring a 30,000 word interactive script, hundreds of realistic story choices, trenchant dark humor, challenging puzzles, and a thrilling hard rock soundtrack, Hellfire 1988 is one of the first indie games to be made with Unreal Engine 5 and has an expected play time of about 2 to 4 hours .
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5.20 GB
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