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Heart of a Warrior

Cover zu Heart of a Warrior
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Release 2022
Hits 1.635
Size 7.51 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404
Updated 02/02/22
Techworld Communication
Techworld Communication
Adventure Action RPG Indie
The 1000 years of the defeat of the dark god, the kingdom of Azputa will have a feast of remembrance to celebrate their victory and their warriors for fought for the realm, but there are those who still worships the dark gods and secretly they planned to open the ancient gates of forbidden unleashing mayhem to the realm of men. The masked ones they are called. But to free the dark god they will need the blood of the old kings whose bloodlines are kept secret. You will play as Nahele, a young warrior with the old bloodline of kings as he embark on his journey to safe his twin sister from the hands of the dark god. Travelling through portals to different realms to find his way to the dark world.

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Singleplayer Atmospheric First-Person FPS Fantasy Action RPG Third-Person Shooter Action-Adventure Mystery Historical Dark Fantasy Realistic Magic 3D 3D Platformer Demons

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