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WorldBox - God Simulator

Cover zu WorldBox - God Simulator
Metacritic -
Userscore 8.4
Release 2021
Hits 21.071
Size 366 MB
Medium 1 CD
Password 404
Updated 07/10/23
Maxim Karpenko
Maxim Karpenko
Simulation Indie
WorldBox is the ULTIMATE god simulator and sandbox game! Create your own world or destroy it using different powers:God Simulator. There are a lot of powers in your toolbox that can be used without mana or resources.Living world. Creatures have traits and needs. Animals will look for food. Greedy kings will try to get more lands. Use different tools and brushes to design and populate your world:Fantasy Races. There are 4 civilized races in WorldBox. Humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. Each with its own design and specific race traits.Civilizations. Races will form kingdoms, colonize new lands and will sail to far continents that you'll create.Diplomacy system. Kingdoms will fight with each other. Towns will rebel. Empires will fall. It's your choice to help or watch them fight.
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Spanisch Französisch Italienisch Niederländisch Portugiesisch Schwedisch Dänisch Polnisch Tschechisch Russisch Japanisch Koreanisch Chinesisch Türkisch

v0.22.9 (22.07.2023)

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