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Growing Up

Cover zu Growing Up
Metacritic -
Userscore 6.5

Release 2021
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Vile Monarch
Coconut Island Games
RPG Simulation Strategy Indie Casual
Your life is in your hands! Sculpt your childhood as well as parenthood with endless choices. Take control of what you learn, who you befriend, and find that special someone in this coming-of-age game. Experience the entire journey from toddler to adulthood as you learn new skills, participate in various activities, develop your mind, manage your daily schedule, explore the city, forge friendships, and survive through school. Upon reaching adulthood, your future career, as well as your romantic partner will be revealed to you as you continue the legacy of your family by having a child of your own! And then... experience the life of your child, as the cycle begins anew, and brand new adventures await you!
Verfügbare Sprachen (available languages) Deutsch Englisch Französisch Portugiesisch Polnisch Russisch Chinesisch
RPG Story Rich 2D Retro Choices Matter Multiple Endings Management Visual Novel Hand-drawn Emotional Life Sim - (pc/windows) games 4 you