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Release 2022
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Adventure Action Indie
You are the last survivor of an army unit designed to contain the spread of zombies from a closed city. You can't negotiate with zombies, you can't bribe or promise something in return, they will slowly but surely follow you wherever you go to destroy you. It's impossible to hide from zombies, they always sense where you're hiding and will soon catch up with you. The only way to escape is to destroy them first. But it's not that easy, the city is full of traps. Every corner or building could be hiding something deadly. You'll die time after time, getting blown up by land mines, caught in traps or your flesh will be torn apart by zombies. Remember everything you've learned from other survival games. Look around every corner and remember, danger is waiting for you everywhere!
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First-Person Horror Survival Zombies Dark Action-Adventure Post-apocalyptic Survival Horror Roguelike Realistic 3D Atmospheric Great Soundtrack RPG Open World cooperative Third Person Sandbox Third-Person Shooter - (pc/windows) games 4 you