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Galador - The Prince and the Coward


Galador - Der Fluch des Prinzen

Cover zu Galador - Der Fluch des Prinzen
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Release 1998
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Adventure Action
Far from everyday fairy tale. Dream or nightmare: Galador, a perfectly normal boy, suddenly finds himself in the body of a prince. However, the sudden and rapid rise to office and dignity also has its downsides. Princes are generally expected to be fearless and heroic. But that's not for Galador. He wants to get back to his simple and contemplative life as soon as possible. But that's not that easy: There are many exciting but also amusing adventures to be had on his eventful way back. He meets mysterious wizards, fiery bards and other adventurous and bizarre characters who block his way back. There are many tricky puzzles to be solved. But he has a goal in mind!
Voice output Deutsch
Texts and subtitles Deutsch Englisch - (pc/windows) games 4 you