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Guardian of Warcraft

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Release 2021
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RPG Strategy Indie Casual
Written in the front: This game is an independent game made by one person, so some details are not very effective, please forgive me. In a world of Warcraft, Suddenly the door to another world appeared, A large number of heroes from other worlds gush out。 In the face of the tide of brave, Warcraft have to migrate in the difficult defense. As a member of Warcraft, you need to build traps, match different types of Warcraft, Protect the core of the Warcraft -King Slime in waves of invasions. In the game, players need to follow the King Slime or migrate, or defend, and at the same time collect souls, which are used to summon warcraft and build traps.
Voice output Chinesisch
Texts and subtitles Englisch Chinesisch

- Using UE5 to reconstruct the whole game,
- Optimize scene details,
- Optimize skill effect,
- Adjust AI attribute and greatly reduce AI HP,
- The viewing angle of the game is adjusted to the overhead angle,
- Add more scene interactions,
- The weapon box can drop swords and bows,
- Adjust AI generation method
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