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Unicorns on Unicycles

Cover zu Unicorns on Unicycles
Metacritic -
Userscore -
Release 2021
Hits 1.256
Size 639 MB
Medium 1 CD
Password 404
Updated 09/29/21
Weyrdworks Studio
Weyrdworks Studio
Action RPG Indie Casual
Turn your horns into swords in this wacky and sweet physics-driven rainbowcore fighting game featuring jousting unicorns. Battle against other colorful unicorns on many unique levels while balancing on your trusty unicycle. Sharpen your horn and get ready for a bloody, mythical rainbow showdown! Learn the art of unicorn jousting. Balance, bait, backdash, parry, riposte, and pierce your enemies into submission. Embark on a single-player adventure through the multiverse where no two levels are alike. Sharpen & polish your horns to take on a roster of colorful unicorns and destroy friendships when you battle and humiliate your buddy in local multiplayer (PvP) on the same device. More than 30 joust levels, each with unique physical properties that change up your unicorn-sword tactics.

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Singleplayer Multiplayer Full controller support Fantasy Funny Comedy Split Screen PvP Physics Colorful combat Cartoony Cartoon

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