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Honey, I Joined a Cult

Cover zu Honey, I Joined a Cult
Metacritic 75
Userscore -

Release 2021
Hits 3.177

Size 335 MB
Password 404

Sole Survivor Games
Sole Survivor Games
Adventure Action Simulation Strategy Indie Casual
In Honey, I Joined a Cult you must build and expand your base, manage your cultists and resources, and increase your faith, funds and following. Every great cult needs great interior design. Place, design and decorate rooms to keep your cultists happy. There is a whole host of weird and wonderful room options, each with a vital role to play in your cult. From polygraph rooms and spirit chambers to energy spas and the dreaded ministry of alteration.
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v1.0.007, Build 9893436 (08.11.2022)
start with steamclient_loader.exe NOT Honey, I Joined a Cult.exe
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