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Release 2021
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Oh my god, look! It's Powerman! He's coming to save us! ... Right? It all happens in Centropolis, a city so quiet their local newspaper almost went out of business. Strange meteors came from space and (very conveniently) they all fell there. Each meteor was carrying an even stranger crystal that gave people super powers. But not all people are good people, some of them were jerks. They became super villains. Now, there isn't much to super villain in Centropolis, so people started robbing ice-cream shops and hair salons, very sad actually. But those who found the crystals and were good people would not let their city go awry (that's a word, right?). Fight for your right to cause havok (I think that's also a word) or your right to live in a peaceful place in Centropolis, the city of heroes!
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452 MB
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