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Atomic Society

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Far Road Games
Far Road Games
Simulation Strategy
Can you rebuild a town that can keep hundreds of people alive after a nuclear war? What kind of laws would you set - and how would you enforce them? SURVIVE. Starting out with nothing, slowly build a large settlement that can keep hundreds of people fed, watered, healthy, housed and entertained... if you can. CRIME. Citizens commit crimes and enact a wide range of social issues as you play. JUDGE. Act as judge over a range of real-world social issues including abortion, murder, vegetarianism, drug use, cannibalism, and several other controversial topics. PUNISH. Choose execute, long or short prison sentences, toleration and even encouragement for all issues that happen in your town. CONTROL. Create and control your own leader character. Use this person to help build your town, or explore the world for salvage and upgrades. Walk around your town up close. BELIEVE. Pick what you believe and share that with others through violence, exile or education. EXPAND. Convert ruined houses and offices into useful buildings or loot them for supplies. Research new buildings and trade excess goods.
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Survival Violent Post-apocalyptic Base Building - (pc/windows) games 4 you