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Songs for a Hero (Definitive Edition)

Cover zu Songs for a Hero (Definitive Edition)
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Release 2020
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Songs for a Hero: A Lenda do Herói Is an OLD-SCHOOL SUNG-THROUGH VIDEOGAME STRAVAGANZA! Join an unlikely hero as he sings his way through a strange world full of floating platforms, bright and colorful enemies, and many other inexplicable phenomena in an adventure unlike anything you have ever heard! This humorous old-school platformer features a fully dynamic soundtrack that reacts to your every input, meaning that the hero will always sing and crack jokes about whatever is happening to him, whenever it happens.
NOTES: This release is standalone and includes the following DLC:

> DLC - Songs for the Dead!
> DLC - Songs for a Hero: Epilogue!
> DLC - Samba for a Hero!
> DLC - Songs for a Hero Skin Pack!
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1.98 GB
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