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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS


Planetary Annihilation - Titans

Cover zu Planetary Annihilation - Titans
Metacritic 79
Userscore 5.9

Release 2015
Hits 520

Size 2.23 GB
Password 404

RTS JUST GOT BIGGER! TITANS is the huge stand-alone expansion to the already massive-scale RTS Planetary Annihilation, which includes the base game and adds tons of new features:Devastate your enemies with 5 massive Titan-class super units like the earth-shaking Atlas bot and lightning-wielding Zeus airship! Expand your strategic arsenal with 16 new units such as versatile Hover Tanks, indomitable Orbital Battleships, and voracious Nanobot Swarms!
Voice output Englisch
Texts and subtitles Deutsch Englisch Spanisch Französisch Italienisch Niederländisch Polnisch Russisch Japanisch

NOTES: This release is standalone and updated to Build 115819.
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2.23 GB
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