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Save the girls Action

Cover zu Save the girls Action
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Release 2021
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Size 2.10 GB
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There are a lot of zombies in the abandoned medieval base, and a lot of girls have disappeared.Beating these zombies might save the girl. You will play the hero to save the girls, you can take the mission, and then finish it. That way you can get good feelings from the zombies and then approach the girl. These girls are very lovely when you rescue them.You can see their beautiful bodies. There are 5 weapons in the game.Their power is not the same.You need these weapons to get the job done.There will be 15 random quests, and when you complete 5 random quests, you will earn a bonus point.Click on the benefits button and you will be able to unlock women's benefits.These zombies are dangerous. Use your weapons wisely.
Verf├╝gbare Sprachen (available languages) Englisch Chinesisch
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2.10 GB
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