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Godking: Master of Rituals


Godking - Master of Rituals

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Release 2020
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Godking: Master of Rituals is a fantasy strategy game inspired by 25 years of classics, while bringing a host of new features and innovations to the table. Pick your faction and your god-like incarnation, build your empire and crush all enemies. Play as the Blackbog Goblins - who rely on cheap slaves and dark magic, the Scaleborne - lizardmen clans who can swim across the seas, Mercia - the once great human kingdom who can field huge armies of armored knights, United Tribes - the human barbarian brotherhood of freefolk, the Returned - skeletal armies of undead warriors and necromantic mages, Khaoset - the chaos entity able to reproduce itself into a whole faction of mind linked mutated chaos creatures, Alfendor - the first elven kingdom reforged, or play as Imperatus - a faction of scavenging ratlings that specialize in plaguecraft and necromancy. Pick one faction to lead. The rest you will have to destroy...
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2.76 GB
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