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Karma - Chapter 1

Cover zu Karma - Chapter 1
Metacritic -
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Release 2021
Hits 1.333
Size 3.60 GB
Medium 1 DVD
Password 404
Updated 03/17/21
The Exact Co.
The Exact Co.
Adventure Action RPG Indie
Where the journey to discover the truth begins! When he was a young boy, his village was attacked and his parents died in a fire. So, when he grew up he trained to be stronger, and he became what everyone needs. He became Karma! A promise he made that day on the ashes of all people he loved and cherished, now massacred, thrown into flames. No revenge will he seek, but guidance and protection for those who are in need. The paragon of virtue he will become, and will engrave his name into our hearts and history... as Karma! The first chapter of an exciting indie game, Karma is an epic third person RPG, in a Medieval fantasy setting, combining an engaging journey, exciting puzzles and dynamic battles using melee and magic abilities. Explore the world of the game, become one with the main protagonist, open portals, and unlock new abilities. Challenge both humans and evil non-human creatures, to finally bring peace upon your land and your people!

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Singleplayer RPG Third Person Fantasy Action RPG Hack and Slash Medieval Beat 'em up Magic combat 3D Dragons Action Roguelike

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